Get that Home Ready to Sell!

conceptSM7So, you have a new seller whose home needs a little “sprucing up” to get it ready? Or a homeowner who wants advice on where to get a new floor or tile back splash? Before Floorco, you might send them to a retailer and get a thank you from the store. But with us, you actually get paid for referring your clients to us. We know how hectic it is moving and getting settled. With your card, they have access to pick out floors 24/7.

Great For Your Clients!

Come in with your clients or send them to our showroom with your guest card and let us work with them. Our experienced sales team knows flooring inside and out! We partner with you to help your clients make the best flooring choice.


Beautiful Showrooms.
Impress Your Clients.

Professionally Staffed Showrooms

We’re right in your neighborhood. Stop by our showroom anytime for a free tour. Membership is free and we can process your application in only a couple of minutes.